When u soul com home to make he bones

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RJ, Brazil. May 8, 2014.

@fakeliampayne: Me and the most beautiful girl in the world :)

when will 5sos fans get over themselves?

no 5sos will never be as big as 1d(maybe one day when 1d will stop doing what they’re doing)

yes 1d did help them become famous stop living in delusion

stop saying stuff like ‘i don’t want them to be big :(’ and then 5 seconds later ‘hah they beat 1d lmao yas bitch yas they’re gonna be so much bigger’

but the thing that annoys me the most are 1d fns who turned to 5sos

like damn the youngest member of 1d is 20 he ain’t gonna stay a kid forever just like the rest of them so stop

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ok but now I need poorly lit, super grainy photos of drunk harry trying to slow dance with everyone just LET ME HAVE THIS ONE THING PLEASE



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i feel like if you just show up at bobby’s house he’ll give you a tour and a pamphlet about niall and at the end he’ll be like “dont forget your souvenir” and give you an item of niall or harry’s clothing

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