What is your name, sir? 
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May 11th, 14

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I can’t believe i cried at the end of that fic fuk it’s so good


@zayn harry and me miss you,come back home :(

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i just lied to liam but i want him to notice e

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i’m so zayn af rn i want to write a poem and maybe draw something and run around my house naked yelling “AHA :)”

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au where harry and niall go golfing together :)

NiallOfficial: An Irishman , an Englishman and a Welshman went onto a golf course………. @George_North @ben_foden great laugh lads !

ever since long hair harry became a thing i don’t care about anything else.quiff harry?ok.the fringe is iconic?what the fuck is a fringe.2012 harry?whatever.cute little baby 2010 x factor harry?i don’t know who that is