my mom found a turtle in the middle of the street yesterday so she took it home and out it out in the garden but it’s gone and i haven’t even seen it :(


i told y’all harry rural as fuck, out here pulling girls he met in a bar after sharing a ride on a mechanical bull did he chew on a piece of straw while dicking her down to tim mcgraw

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The girl who posted that recent pic said the purple haired girl indicated Harry had to leave etc. basically making it sound like she might be someone in the crew or who works for them or 5SOS. They also said they heard apparently he needed to meet with his manager or something.

So please settle.

does this mean he gonna stop being so extra on stage now cuz i’m not here for that tbh

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what do you mean? you think they are dating ha:d


Not in the slightest I think he took cute altoid selfies with her and then bent her over his hotel bed for a second dose of bull riding and took her to church

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Liam doesn't jack off cuz that means touching a dick and he is 100% not gay.
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wait where's the pics and stuff of harry with the girl? i see everyone talking abt a girl but no actual info lmao

just reblogged a pic and a video!

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How do people know that girl is hot? Where's pics of her

just reblogged one :)


Harry in Austin, Texas - 9/22